The SPG Team

The Service Profit Group was founded on the principle of helping owners grow their business by focusing on training and accountability.

The Service Profit Group's Director of Awesomeness, Joe O'Grady headshot from the shoulders up in front of a blurred outdoor background with trees

Joe O'Grady

Director of Awesomeness

Joe has been an entrepreneur for 30 years. He has started 3 successful businesses and run a $7 million plumbing and HVAC business as the Director of Operations.

Joe started in the home service industry 11 years ago at Clockwork Home Services, the largest provider of home services in the United States. He started in franchise sales, getting to know what business owners needed and matching their needs with a franchise offering. During his time at Clockwork, Joe also learned how to train owners, technicians, and CSR’s how to lead a team, run service calls, and dispatch for profits. Joe then went into private consulting, traveling all over the United States helping business owners operate more efficiently. Joe’s vast knowledge of the trades and his business acumen are paramount to his success. Joe is a natural trainer and consultant. Joe can show you what is possible with just a little tweak here and there.

Phil Denato, Director of Product Marketing, The Service Profit Group

Phil Denato

Director of Product marketing

Phil has been an entrepreneur for 26 years. He has owned successful businesses including a consulting company, apartment complexes, and a retail store. His passion has always been self-reliance. Phil’s systematic approach and problem-solving skills are the keys to success in his broad variety of business ventures.

Phil also has 15 years of corporate experience in IT and Operations. During this time, he spent 9 years at a leading training company running their online training portal. Phil brings a passion for excellence to our members by helping them with procedural implementation, systems integration, and overall operations efficiency. Phil’s knowledge in these areas will give you a world class perspective that will help you make the right technical decisions the first time, which will give you an advantage over your competition.

The Service Profit Group's senior consultant, Drew Melamed

Drew Melamed

Senior Consultant

Drew got his first experience with the service industry in college owning and operating a painting franchise in Cleveland, Ohio. Since moving to Florida, he has gone on to explore a number of complimentary ventures and opportunities. Now, with 11 years entrepreneurial experience he’s had experience in residential and commercial real estate and the founder of a Commercial Energy Efficiency Consulting firm; Drew has found success learning and adapting in to these fields through his ability to navigate complex challenges for his customers and adhering to a strict code of ethics focused on doing what’s best for his clients.

With a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in Business, Drew brings a unique skill set to the Service Profit group lending his clients a blend of Communication, Conflict Resolution, Problem Solving and Strategic Systems Optimization experience. Drew’s passion is consulting and coaching which come from his background in high level athletics as an athlete and coach.

Alison Tawney, Director of Operation, The Service Profit Group

Alison Tawney

Director of Operations

Alison has 6 years of experience in the plumbing industry. She has taken on the roles as a dispatcher, operations manager, and service manager. Alison has an innate enthusiasm for ingenuity and takes a hands-on approach. She developed fundamental operational procedures and system controls that grew an Orange County plumbing company from $250,000 to $1.1 million. Alison has worked with many different software companies and has developed strategies to streamline the implementation process. Alison is passionate about developing customized methodologies for companies to improve overall efficiency.

Brian Simpson, Ride Along Coach, The Service Profit Group

Brian Simpson

Ride Along Coach

Brian has over 15 years of hands-on experience in the electrical field. He started his training in high school and has worked as an electrical technician in multiple states across the U.S.. His experience has mainly been in residential and commercial service. In Brian’s last position as an electrical service technician, he maintained an average ticket between $1,800 – $2,000. Brian excelled in learning and implementing the SPG method and went on to train others in the company. He became the top producing technician in less than 9 months.  Brian is passionate about helping others and training the next generation of service technicians to become top performers in their respective fields.

The Service Profit Group's On-boarding Coordinator, Caty Colvin, shown smiling in blue and white blouse, headshot

Megan Garlington

Operations Coordinator

Megan has an extensive background in customer service and has perfected her craft as a CSR in the HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical industries. She has overseen the operations of multiple call centers as a lead customer service representative and consistently surpassed quotas, sometimes even by as much as 100%. Megan played a pivotal role in the success of her operation through skilled dispatching, team member training, and cultivating an outstanding CSR team. With a steady passion for helping people through empathy, patience, and leadership, Megan is able to train CSRs to convey a company’s core values and provide excellent customer service from the initial phone call, during the service, and after the job is complete.

Alex Zambrano, Service Consultant Manager, The Service Profit Group

Alex Zambrano

Service Manager Consultant

Alex joined the the trades in 2017 as an HVAC technician. Within a year he Started winning top tech awards for sales and achievements . He then became a Service manager for an HVAC & water heater company overseeing 3 service areas. Alex’s passion is geared toward helping build systems and procedures to help company’s grow. His core expertise is in Dispatching for profits, Accountability, and building an amazing team. Since Alex Started his journey as Service manager, that company grew from 3.5m the first year to 27m in just 4 years. One of his biggest passions is coaching and facilitating, watching people grow and experience that aha moment.

Alex Zambrano, Service Consultant Manager, The Service Profit Group

Marianne Zahl

New Member Onboarding Consultant

Marianne found a passion for the home service industry in 2017 and never looked back! She has a natural ability to develop and streamline processes while identifying solutions for key areas that need additional support. Marianne’s contributions to one of the largest Sarasota-based HVAC companies directly influenced their new AC installation division expanding from 2 crews to 7 over the course of a year. She has an extensive customer service and marketing background, that blended with her creative thinking, offer fresh perspectives and solutions that will help drive additional profit for our members.

Coach’s Corner

In an effort to meet all of our member’s unique business needs, SPG has teamed up with some of the best coaches in the home service industry. The coaches corner is a place to find a coach or a consultant that meets your specific needs.

headshot of Lynn Wise Owner, Contractor in Charge, wearing a black dress jacket

Lynn Wise

Owner, Contractor in Charge

Lynn Wise is the founder and CEO of Contractor In Charge. She co-owned a plumbing, heating and remodeling business for 15 years. After 15 years in the trades, she moved on to own 5 successful small businesses and has 20+ years of corporate and sales experience including with IBM. Lynn holds a BBA in Finance and MBA.

Contractor in Charge provides a Virtual Office Solutions for Home Services businesses.

  • Full-Service Bookkeeping Services – Digital bookkeeping with Audit Ready Financial Statements
  • Cash Management – Profit First Method
  • CFO Services – Interim CFO Services for a fraction of the price
  • Front Office Solutions –
    • Call Handling & Outbound Selling and Scheduling
    • Administrative Services – Outbound calls for FUP, Customer Satisfaction, AR Collections, and more
headshot of Operations Coach, Kathy Neilson, wearing dark shirt on a dark background

Kathy Neilson

Operations Coach

Kathy has been in the home service industry for over 20 years. She has served the industry in many different roles including office manager and general manager of successful HVAC and plumbing companies. Kathy found her passion for consulting and training while helping peers in the industry improve their businesses through her guidance. Kathy is certified in employee assessments with Results Group LLC. Kathy is also a great resource for training on Service Titan, Successware 21, and many other home service software packages. Kathy’s proven approach to building leadership teams and individual development include creating a proven hiring process and tools to get the right people in the right position and keep them!

Areas of expertise include:

  • ServiceTitan, Successware 21, Quickbooks, and many other home service software packages
  • Improving team cultures through introspection and coaching
  • The hiring lifecycle
  • CSR Training
  • Leadership Training
bust shot of Founder & CEO, Plumbing & HVAC SEO, Josh Nelson, wearing a black Plumbing & HVAC SEO shirt

Josh Nelson

Founder & CEO, Plumbing & HVAC SEO

Josh Nelson is one of the most sought after experts in Internet Marketing & SEO. He is known for helping Plumbing & HVAC Contractors increase their sales & grow their revenue by more effectively marketing online. As the CEO of Plumbing & HVAC SEO, he has had the opportunity to work with hundreds of contractors across the United States, helping them go from virtually no presence online to the point where they now dominate the search engines in their market and receive hundreds of calls each month directly via the web. Many of them growing by over $1M per year in annual revenue.

He is the author of the newly released book “How to Triple Your Sales by Getting Your Internet Marketing Right for Plumbing & HVAC Contractors” as well as “The Complete Guide To Internet Marketing for Plumbing Contractors.”

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